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New home for 'Tweddie Friendship Maul'

Presentation of TLC Maul

On Thursday evening, 25 April 2024, a number of Brethren from the Lodge embarked on an important mission. They made their way to Crawfordsburn Masonic Hall to visit Bryantmore Masonic Lodge No. 735. Their objective was to bid and secure the prestigious 'Tweddie Friendship Maul'.


TLC Maul

The 'Tweddie Friendship Maul' is a symbolic item that holds great significance within the Irish Masonic community. It has been on a remarkable journey since its inception in 2013, raising substantial funds for the Teddies For Loving Care (TLC) charity.


The TLC charity's primary goal is to ensure that teddy bears are readily available in all Accident and Emergency Departments of hospitals in Ireland that treat young children. The presence of these teddies provides comfort and support to children who find themselves in frightening and unfamiliar situations. Often facing painful procedures administered by unfamiliar medical professionals, these young patients can find solace in the warmth of a teddy bear.


Furthermore, the teddy bears serve as valuable tools for hospital staff. They can be used to demonstrate procedures such as bandaging, applying plasters, and even administering injections. By utilising these teddies, medical professionals can effectively communicate and alleviate any fears or anxieties that children may have.


One of the most heart-warming aspects of the TLC charity's work is that each child who receives a teddy bear is allowed to keep it upon their discharge from the hospital. This small gesture provides a lasting memento of their journey and brings a sense of comfort during their recovery.


Irish Freemasons take immense pride in their charitable endeavours, and their commitment to caring for others is deeply ingrained in their ethos. Their charitable efforts extend not only to their own members and their dependents, but also to the wider community.


The brethren of Craigantlet Masonic Lodge of Friendship No. 486, in their visit to Bryantmore Lodge at Crawfordsburn, demonstrated their dedication to this noble cause. By bidding for and capturing the 'Tweddie Friendship Maul,' they aim to continue the Maul's journey and contribute to the ongoing success of the TLC charity.

TLC Maul

However, as with all things in Freemasonry, secrets abound. The 'Tweddie Friendship Maul' harbours its own secret - a hidden scroll, allowing each controlling Lodge to leave their mark for posterity.

May the 'Tweddie Friendship Maul' continue its journey, spreading joy and comfort to children in hospitals throughout Ireland, and may the spirit of giving and caring continue to thrive within the Freemasonry community and beyond.




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