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Lodge Brethren Make Headlines with £2300 Charity Triumph!

In a sensational display of community spirit, the Lodge Brethren have wrapped up 2023 on a high note, raising an impressive £2300 for two cherished local charities—the Mae Murray Foundation and the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.

A whirlwind of events, including a riveting Quiz Night, a striking Bowling Fun Day, and a charming Garden Party, took centre stage in the fundraising spectacle.

These gatherings not only filled the air with laughter but also served as crucial platforms to boost funds and awareness for the Mae Murray Foundation and Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.

Worshipful Master Robert Bryans (left) presenting the cheque to Miss Fiona Eatock (miidle right) together with Steward of Charities, Worshipful Brother Boyce and his niece / patient; Leah Cahoon (right).

Gracing the occasion was Miss Fiona Eatock, the brilliant Consultant Endocrine Surgeon, who accepted the generous donation on behalf of the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust. With grace and gratitude, she commended the Lodge members for their tireless efforts, highlighting the pivotal role the trust plays in supporting individuals battling Thyroid Cancer.

Worshipful Brother Stephen Boyce, a distinguished Lodge member, shared a touching personal experience. His niece's journey through Thyroid Cancer brought the cause close to his heart. "The support and assistance they offered my niece was so welcome at a difficult time for everyone," he expressed. Stephen shed light on the invaluable services provided by the trust, including a helpline, email support, and a compassionate "buddy" system to guide individuals through the stages of surgery.

Miss Fiona Eatock took centre stage once again to formally accept the cheque on behalf of the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust. Her words resonated with appreciation for the Lodge members' outstanding fundraising endeavours, emphasizing the crucial role the trust plays in supporting patients facing Thyroid Cancer.

Morgan Wharry (right) a Project Manager with the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust, accepting the Cheque from Worshipful Master Bryans, along with Steward of Charities, Worshipful Brother Boyce, and Will Pye (Middle Right) whose son attends the Foundation outings.

Morgan Wharry, the enthusiastic Project Manager from the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust, expressed heartfelt thanks to the Lodge members. He detailed how the funds would be instrumental in empowering individuals of all ages and abilities with disabilities.

The goal? To facilitate their participation in activities, broaden their horizons, and foster friendships in an inclusive environment.

For those eager to learn more about these two incredible charities and join the cause, visit their websites below:

The Lodge Brethren have undoubtedly etched their names in the local history books with this charitable feat, proving that when a community comes together, incredible things happen.


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